• ​Philip Rodrigs

    Portfolio Manager – Raynar Flagship Strategy

    Philip Rodrigs is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Investment Week UK Smaller Companies Fund Manager of Year 2010 and 2011, Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent of 2012 and Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year 2016.

    Philip founded Raynar Portfolio Management as a performance-first investment management boutique striving to develop innovative strategies that enable great client outcomes.

Long Term Experience

Raynar Portfolio Management – Raynar Flagship
(2020 - to date) 

Launched at the start of June 2020, Raynar’s Flagship approximately quadrupled in scale within its first 12 months

R&M Asset Management – UK Micro Cap Investment Company
(2014 – 2018)

Philip Rodrigs conceived of and created the uniquely designed, award winning Investment Trust, completing a successful IPO in 2014. Philip oversaw the distribution of c30% of the capital within three years of launch

R&M Asset Management – UK Smaller Companies Fund
(2014 – 2018)

From c£150m in 2014, Philip Rodrigs grew and soft-closed the award winning Fund within 18 months, with the strategy ultimately exceeding £1bn within four years

R&M Asset Management – UK Dynamic Fund – All Cap
(2015 – 2018)

Taking over its management at £8m, Philip Rodrigs grew the Fund beyond £350m within two years. Philip added an innovative Total Return Swap mechanism to the Fund

Investec Asset Management – UK Smaller Companies Fund
(2005 – 2014)

From c£90m in 2006, Philip Rodrigs grew and soft-closed the multi-award winning UK Smaller Companies Fund, reaching c£650m within eight years

Investec Asset Management – UK Alpha Fund – All Cap
(2012 – 2014)

Philip Rodrigs transformed the performance profile of the Fund, creating a platform for the Fund to subsequently exceed £1bn