A UK UCITS Fund managed by Philip Rodrigs

Launched 1st July 2024
Designing strategies seeking to deliver optimal outcomes

EXISTING Investment Strategies

  • Raynar Flagship

    managed by Founder Philip Rodrigs

    A synthesis of c20 years of experience investing in the UK stock market, Raynar Flagship is designed with an absolute focus on stock selection. 

    In searching high and low for great investments on the UK exchanges, Flagship’s portfolio typically comprises 30-50 investments with a concentration on smaller-sized firms.

  • Raynar Enhanced

    managed by Matthew Taylor 

    Drawing upon many years of experience in building multi-asset class portfolios, Raynar Enhanced is designed to enable the ability to capture opportunities to ‘enhance’ outcomes from a judiciously allocated portfolio. 

    In searching high and low for great investments across all asset classes, Enhanced typically expresses an overweight to UK Smaller Companies.

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